Comments and reviews policy.

Reviews and comments policy.

Please stay away from one-liners, and be descriptive.
Think about what is important to you in a salsa venue (or the instructor, if it is a lesson review) and mention that in your review. How was the music? The crowd? Dance experience of people who go there? What is your own level of dance experience? Why did you go there in the first place? Did you go to this venue just once? Are you a regular? What makes you to come back? Do you go there just for the social or take a lesson as well? Is the lesson helpful? Why do you like it? If you don’t like it, what are the reasons?
There is no rules when it comes to writing a quality comment or review. It just have to have a point and be original.
When writing a comment or a review please keep in mind that no salsa venue is perfect, and a person, or a group of people behind it, spend countless hours and energy putting it all together, so be nice,

There are two ways to leave your feedback:
( For most of the posts. Some pages will only have “submit your review” option.)

1.Write a review.

You can click “Click here to submit your review” button, and write about your experience. This option gives you an opportunity to rate the place on the scale of 1-5, as well as leave you thoughts and ideas.

2.Leave a comment.
Or you can use” Leave a comment” section to submit you comment. You can use this option if you would like to contribute to the discussion, but do not want to leave a rating for the venue.

All reviews and comments are moderated and will need to be manually approved before they become publicly visible. It could take a couple of days for your approved comment/review to show up, as I do not check for those every single day.

Mean, disrespectful, hateful, comments/reviews will be deleted.